Here, set forth, in numbered clauses, are the Bylaws providing for the matters referred to in s.6(1) of the Society Act and any other Bylaws.

Part 1 - Interpretation

1. In these Bylaws, unless the context otherwise requires:

a. “Directors” means the directors of the Society for the time being;
The Purposes of the Association are:

To celebrate the strengths we have as people who use drugs that allow us to survive and resist the war on drugs.

To realize, deepen and share the love, camaraderie, and wisdom found in drug user support groups.
July 12th, 2021




Funding Readiness Application

BCYADWS 2021 Funding Considerations:

June 18, 2021

1. Priority is refunding groups that we already committed to funding, if funds are left over we will call out for more proposals.  

2. We will assess previous years performance to determine refunding and/or intervention of support to build group capacity. The following is used to determine -

a. Rubric.

b. Whether the group met their previous years proposed goals (ex. proposed budget was met).

c. Holding regular drug user meetings, securing/secured space,  democratic structure and creating community and belonging. 

d.barriers to reporting, examples: technical restrictions, admin capacity, fledgling groups (new) and needs capacity building.

3. Necessity of funds ( they have significant/sustainable funding coming from other sources?). 

4. Evaluating specific community contexts (overdose numbers- proportional/absolute, availability and number of services, geographical barriers, # of other local user groups, community/political climate ex. hostile, apathetic, nimbyism) specific population ( #of indigenous people, recovery, jails and institutions/detox)

5. Relative membership size and community establishment and size/frequency of meetings (Based off membership list,sign ins and stipend sheets, how long the group has been in operation) 

7. Demonstrate understanding of the concept of community building versus service provision. In this context “community building” is meant to address community building/hyper local advocacy within the population that uses substances and is at risk of overdose. Services “clientize” /drug user groups do not.

  BCYADWS 2021 Funding Priorities 

  1. Must hold regular and consistent drug user meetings that are open to the substance using community. 
  2. Must be safe, trauma and culturally informed  – aim for violence free, racism, gendered, lgbtq2ias+ friendly and inclusive spaces. Must meet the needs of our communities of people who use substances.

3. Securing and maintaining a space controlled by people who use/drugs

4. Establishing transparent and accessible democratic structure (Board of Directors / Steering  Committee that any member is able to contribute and participate in).  Include allies if group decides to include but power dynamic remains with people who use drugs.

5. Establishing community connections and participate in an environmental scan looking for sustainable/additional funding.  We can assist with training around applying for grants and seeking out funding streams.  

                                           Reporting Expectations 

1. Report on relevant community contexts and service environment (environmental scan) for people who use drugs. (i.e  available resources, political contexts, emerging and existing community issues contributing to  harming people who use drugs and increased overdose, advocacy needs, other relevant advocacy occurring, services that DO meet the needs of PWUS).  

2. Community involvement in an engagement context such as CAT teams, municipal, provincial, and federal governing systems, health authorities, advisory and other community based committees.

3. Number and type of meetings, frequency, meeting topics and discussions, and membership list and contacts. (Provide meetings per month and size of attendees, number of members overall, community advocacy needs and emerging trends). Reporting 

4. Advocacy actions taken for and on behalf of the community, particularly ones initiated to reduce risk of overdose and reporting up to the provincial level.

5. Capacity building and education that group and members have been given or participated in. 

 6. Regular check-ins with BCYADWS staff or regional Representative, please let us know any barriers to engagement with governing systems and rental of spaces.  

7. End of term, activity and financial report (compared to original submitted budget) end of grant report.

 8.  Other activities the group is involved in (Additional potentially unfunded actions and work the group is doing)

Notes: Efforts will be made by BCYADWS to create equity for groups by giving special consideration to fluctuating rental costs. Some areas have higher rentals of space than others and this should not negatively impact their proposed budget.