Connie Long

Connie Long is a Tsawwassen native, new to Chilliwack, but not new to the opioid epidemic. As a person with lived experience, her goal is to help shed as much light as possible on the current situation. She truly believes in peer to peer interaction and sharing the knowledge of her past with those who genuinely wish to help, yet do not share the same experiences. ​ ​She knows her story is not unique. She says that If you were to sit down with 1000 persons with lived experience you would hear her story more than once, but with minor variations. She believes that the differences, however, are in the people telling the story and how their lived experiences have affected them. She believes this is what needs to be addressed. She has had the great opportunity to reach out to individuals and help them to feel valued, listened to, and in some cases, redirected. Sharing this information with those who have a genuine interest in promoting change for the better gives her great value in return.