Headshot of Hawkfeather

Hawkfeather is currently the Vice President of the BCYADWS in BC to impact policy development and implementation and fight for the rights of PWUD.They have worked federally with the Canadian Association of People who Use Drugs (CAPUD) as a board member to positively impact the lives of PWUD in Canada.

Hawkfeather works with BC Women's and Children's hospitals on their Overdose prevention task force as well as sitting on the provincial perinatal substance use work group.  In these roles they have been able to directly address problematic policies that target parents who use drugs and lower the risk of child apprehension for their community.  

Locally Hawkfeather is a frontline outreach worker with VCH and an active Community Action Team member.  As the co-founder and co-organizer of their regional drug user group and support drop-in called Sunshine Coast Connections,  they provide harm reduction and Overdose prevention services as well as ongoing support and advocacy assistance.